What Genre Of Music Is Preferred For Weddings


The genre of music is a personal preference, but a general estimation of choice can be made for joyous ceremonies like weddings. live band for wedding caters to the specific requirements of their clients as well as their professional opinion on how to ensure the crowd to be thoroughly entertained. The couples would have vague ideas as to what they want, but the musicians can navigate their idea into realistic and more elaborate musical experience.


1)    Rock and Pop – they are the forerunners of live entertainment as they perform songs from the 1950s to the most recent hits. Singing cover songs by some famous artists is what makes them so successful. Singing love songs by your favorite band or artist, just as you sway or dance to the music, you also sing the lyrics making the experience unique.


2)      Jazz – ranging from traditional jazz like songs by Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra to modern interpretation of jazz, couples can choose according to their specific taste. Jazz is known to have songs for every occasion and every mood. This makes jazz one of the most preferred genre of music. Some jazz songs make great dance tracks. Dance styles like jive and ballroom dance can be enjoyed with the accompaniment of such music.


3)    Disco – the 70s disco tracks are popular demands for their catchy lyrics and unique dance moves for particular songs.


4)    Swing – songs which are sophisticated and stylish with traces of Las Vegas glamor to it are called swing music. Upbeat music that makes you move on the dance floor is the kind of music you want to hear at weddings.


5)    Tribute bands or themed songs – when the couples want songs by a particular band or singer or a specific era, the music is themed or serves as a tribute to the original artists. Many Beetles fans would like most or all the songs from that band to be played throughout the reception.


6)    Other genres – music from all around the world cannot be put in a list. Cultural music can be beautifully orchestrated for a wedding. The Mariachi band is a band that is rooted in the cultural music of Mexico where street musicians performed. As much as they are passionate about their music, they are equally committed to dressing the part in a traditional suit along with a sombrero hat. The classical sound of Caribbean is called the steel bands.


Traditional or modern, every person can enjoy their type of music through live wedding band in Singapore. Making your special day perfect is all you really want.



Beaches worth visiting when you are in Melbourne

If you think that apart from Brighton and St Kilda, there are no other beaches in Melbourne, you are wrong. You have a few other beaches that are worth visiting also in Melbourne . Especially, if you are planning to stay in the city for a week or longer, you can steal some time to visit some of these beaches.

1. St Kilda Beach

Of course, the first beach that may come to your mind as soon as you think about beaches in Melbourne is St Kilda Beach because it is very close to the city and you can easily access it also. Since a number of people visit this beach, it is considered to be a happening place with activities like windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing, beach volleyball, water skiing, rollerblading and so on. You can have an enjoyable swim because the sea here is quite safe for swimmers.

2. Elwood Beach

Elwood is also a popular beach and this bayside beach is considered a family beach that is highly enjoyable especially, on sunny days. Though this is not as easy to access as the St Kilda beach, you can reach here by hiring a car or a cab.

The clean water will tempt you to go for a swim and you can do so since the sea is quite calm. Kids will also enjoy playing on the rocks and the sand. People involve themselves in activities like cycling, windsurfing, walking and playing cricket on this beach.

3. Parkdale Beach

Not many may have heard about the Parkdale Beach because it is 23 kms. away from the city on the south-eastern side. You and your kids must stay safe by keeping away from the rocks as well as the reefs.

4. Brighton Beach

The popularity of the Brighton Beach is mainly due to its 82 bathing boxes that are highly colorful. Those who enjoy exercising on beaches will find this beach ideal. Likewise, the walking and cycling tracks on the beach help people involve themselves in these activities without any hassles. The beach can be accessed by train.

5. Sandringham Beach

You can access Sandringham beach also by train. Especially, walkers, cyclists and frequent beachgoers will enjoy this calm beach.

6. Half Moon Bay

This is an isolated beach and so, those who want to relax and enjoy a serene ambiance will find this beach ideal. Setting of the sun is a treat to watch at this beach.

Melbourne airport transport to city will allow you to see all the beaches this place has to offer.

Does Fine Dining Suit Your Temperament

The rapidly growing need to soothe the palate is growing phenomenally. Hotels have upped their game the world over, to cater to the wide range of people who enjoy the experience of fine dining. It is essential for a restaurant to provide quality food. If you have great ambiance but food that doesn’t meet the mark, you can kiss the rankings goodbye. The Bay Boutique Hotel Singapore nestled in the heart of the city has a blend of haute cuisine and regular pizza on its menu among other amazing products. Regular street food to culinary centers hosting celebrity chefs has grown tremendously over the past decade! By pushing new boundaries in the world of mixed cuisine, many of the restaurants in Asia have created a niche that suits the temperament of fine dining aficionados.

Chili Crab Anyone

If you are one for seafood as are so many, this delicious dish that is tangy with the right dose of chili hits you immediately. Dive into succulent flesh of the stir-fried crab and wash your cares away with the right drink – wine would do it!

Chicken Rice

A definite must try is this quintessential Singapore chicken rice. Using Cantonese influences flavored with red sauce and tender chicken, you will be at your wits end. The right blend of spice and sourness will capture the attention of your taste buds for sure.

Bubur Pulut Hitam

The delicious dessert made from black rice is very in Singapore and many parts of South East Asia. Made from sticky rice accompanied with coconut milk and palm sugar, this dish definitely needs a mention as a fine dining experience. The look may not make you want to try it out, but once you taste it, you will go back for seconds.

The Bay Hotel Singapore has delectable food and an exquisite wine counter. You can have your pick of sparkling wine, tequila, whisky, beer, vodka to get you in the mood. For teetotalers there are many other offerings to make your holiday a treat. The best part about the country is that you never miss out on what is on offer. Take your pick from street food to the multi cuisine restaurants nestled across the city. Being an ardent foodie has its advantages – you get to try out some of the most delectable items on the menu. Singapore has a great deal to offer to make your experience interesting.